Helping you create and deliver personalised media to cut-through, connect and drive response

Design & Data Programming

Data programming is at the core of what we do. Principally we program for variable data printing, letter copy layout for direct-mail and press-ready files for magazine printing. We specialise in formatting data according to Australia Post bulk mail schemes such as Presort and Print Post. We can also set up your content and images for online communications including email direct-mail (eDM), SMS and website landing pages linked to your print marketing.

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Printing Services

The full breadth of print solutions is available to you with us, from full colour personalised direct-mail, envelopes and brochures to magazines and catalogues. Our paper supplier is FSC carbon neutral and recycled papers also available. For short run on-demand requirements we can print it digitally. For long-run requirements we can prepare offset base-stock, simplex or duplex laser print your letter copy, whether generic or personalised, including QR codes and barcodes for data capture.

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Production Facility

We operate a robust facility housing state of the art "intelligent" industrial mail-processing machines. They are intelligent because they are software integrated to our in-house printing facility to enable the assembly of multi-page personalised documents: folding, insertion, plastic wrap and sortation of bulk mail for lodgement with Australia Post. We can accommodate your envelopes and stationery on site within our secure storage bay to respond quickly to your on-demand business needs.

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Fulfilment Services

For many years now we have fulfilled and distributed point-of-sale kits for well-known household brand names with stores nationwide. Whether your POS kits include flat sheet posters, wobblers, shelf-talkers, counter cards or odd-shaped merchandise, we know how to most effectively flat-pack, box and label them; how to make sure you are kept abreast of stock counts after each project; alerted to replenish different stock types at the right time; and provided full transparency on the logistics of your freight.

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Data-driven marketing is a customer-centric marketing strategy for new customer acquisition and maintaining profitable relationships with existing customers. The fundamental techniques include 1-to-1 marketing; database segmentation; personalisation techniques; targeting and timed messaging; and an integrated multi-channel approach.

The ability to extract viable qualitative and quantitative data segments from your database and understanding what motivates purchasing behaviour are critical success factors.

Whether running a call-to-action campaign for new sales or extending existing customer lifecycles through renewals, re-purchases, cross-selling or up-selling, the key driver in any effective marketing is insight into customer data.

It forms the basis of campaign objectives and customer journey mapping, creating bespoke value propositions, the right call-to-actions and what channels will most effectively reach the target audience: variable-data-printed direct-mail, email marketing, customer initiated automated email and online contacts.

In partnership with a variety of stakeholders across a broad range of industries, we at Complete Mailing have implemented a multitude of data-driven marketing campaigns and programs since 1999. We specialise in delivering effective marketing outcomes for clients within the auto-industry, investment banking, superannuation, healthcare, membership, sporting and the not-for-profit sector to name a few.