Data-driven marketing is a customer-centric marketing strategy for new customer acquisition and maintaining profitable relationships with existing customers. The fundamental techniques include 1-to-1 marketing; database segmentation; personalisation techniques; targeting and timed messaging; and an integrated multi-channel approach.
The ability to extract viable qualitative and quantitative data segments from your database and understanding what motivates purchasing behaviour are critical success factors.

Whether running a call-to-action campaign for new sales or extending existing customer lifecycles through renewals, re-purchases, cross-selling or up-selling, the key driver in any effective marketing is insight into customer data.

It forms the basis of campaign objectives and customer journey mapping, creating bespoke value propositions, the right call-to-actions and what channels will most effectively reach the target audience: variable-data-printed direct-mail, email marketing, customer initiated automated email and online contacts.
In partnership with a variety of stakeholders across a broad range of industries, we at Complete Mailing have implemented a multitude of data-driven marketing campaigns and programs since 1999. We specialise in delivering effective marketing outcomes for clients within the auto-industry, investment banking, superannuation, healthcare, membership, sporting and the not-for-profit sector to name a few.

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