At Complete Mailing we understand the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and operating a green-friendly business. We are committed to recycling wherever possible within our facility. Toner, paper and cardboard are fully recycled.

There are four key areas where we can reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Printer Cartridge: Xerox waste management team: under our agreement with Xerox they provide us with large bins for printer cartridge recycling. These are routinely collected by the Xerox waste disposal team
  • Paper & Cardboard: a Visy Recycling skip is kept on site and quickly filled with spoiled paper, unwanted overs and carton boxes
  • Degradable Plastic: We distribute our magazines using 100% degradable plastic which displays the EPI “We Care” logo printed in green
  • Recycled Paper Supplies: 100% recycled or FSC paper for letterheads and envelopes supplied upon request