The time people spend engaging digital media has increased from 12% in 2008 to a massive 51% today. So in keeping with the relevance of mobile phones, iPads, email and web based communications we have broadened our software architecture to help our customers reach theirs through a mixture of online and offline touchpoints. Personalised digital communications sent in conjunction with direct-mail helps marketers turn transactional relationships with customers into membership style relationships, which have a far longer lifespan.
We can program your artwork and content for personalised emails (eDM) and website landing pages for a multitude of applications such as donation asks, online purchasing, registration for events and competitions, updating contact details, viewing status information or voucher delivery just to name a few.
The doorway for customers to access the web landing page are simple QR codes or personalised URLs called PURLs printed on your direct-mail. An integrated multi-channel approach increases the relevance of the brand in a person’s life, giving that special sense of belonging and makes it easier to maintain brand relevance, increase customer loyalty and retention.

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